4m) away and only provides “skeleton data” at 15 frames/second

18. srpnja 2014
tomislav hecimovic

canada goose uk black friday Forgetful geeks need never lose keys, phones or even cutlery at home againTwo computer science researchers have developed a depth camera based system that keeps track of household objects as they are moved around a buildingreported by New Scientist”Imagine if we had a system that could keep account of all the objects that we interact with in our daily lives,” the researchers said”By keeping track of the locations of the objects, we could build a smart search engine for our home that could answer queries like where are my eye glasses, or my TV remote, or my wallet?” canada goose uk black friday

canada goose Although alternative solutions, such as the use of radio frequency identification chips already exists, the men said their system was many times cheaper due to the high cost of RFID readersWhat goes https://www.londonbc.co.uk whereThe researchers noted that running a computer program that simultaneously tracked all the owner’s objects in real time would be too processor intensiveSo they based their design around the principle that objects only change locations when humans move themAs a result the system focuses on tracking human figures and then looking for objects that have changed position in their vicinityAlthough canada goose black friday sale 2019 the Kinect sensor’s canada goose outlet store quebec capabilities are limited it only sees objects up to 11 feet (3.4m) away and only provides “skeleton data” at 15 frames/second the Kinsight program has commonsense notions built into it to improve accuracy: so it knows that a coffee cup is most likely to be found at a study desk, or kitchen canada goose black friday deals uk sink, but not inside a bath”This means that, when in doubt, an object recognition algorithm can use this knowledge to identify an object by analysing the likelihood of it being at some location, or looking for the candidate objects in their other locations,” the researchers saidOn the moveAlgorithms were also created to help the computer learn the appearance of objects and the canada goose black friday discount context they canada goose shop austria were likely to be used in by analysing the uk canada goose sale data gatheredTo prove the system worked the two scientists labelled 48 objects including knives, canada goose outlet forks, keys and a Rubik’s cube and identified 80 possible locations canada goose outlet vancouver around a houseThey then asked volunteers to move the items around according to randomly generated canada goose outlet us patternsThe results suggested room canada goose outlet hong kong for improvement errors were more likely if the objects were very small, far away, transparent or placed too closely together but the team said these problems should be addressed by using more sensors per room and adopting more sensitive depth camerasIn the meantime, they say that even when the program does lose track of possessions, it can still say were they were last seen which cheap canada goose outlet may still prove helpful canada goose.