And anyone who prefers the Grease Gun or M1A1 over the Pepesha

11. siječnja 2015
tomislav hecimovic

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best replica bags If you want to know the leak, look up “Drakesden 10 maps”, should show you it; it has been granted substantial credibility for its prediction that Crete would be added post launch and that Market Garden would be reworked and renamed (Which is now Twisted Steel)colers100 1 point submitted 1 day agoI seen a lot more posts of “HHOOSDFJK LHJVOIXHJOFSJHFLXH HOW CAN YOU CALL IT A WW2 GAME WITHOUT AN M1 GARAND IT IS BASICALLY THE THING THE WAR REVOLVED AROUND” than i seen people asking for my dear pepesha.Admitingly, yes, I have a greater love for the russian guns too (Though I am very much partial towards pacific maps because I generally like tropic maps above other maps), but you cannot deny that the hoard of pissbabies are much more vocal about the absence of American weaponry than they are about Russian weaponry.And anyone who prefers the Grease Gun or M1A1 over the Pepesha or the M1903 over the Mosin carbine, or the M1919 over the DP is a fucking heretic who should be burned.colers100 1 point submitted 4 replica prada nylon bags days agoI would actually love the epic, brass balled assault on the Merveil battery, followed by rushing the beach at ouistreham, taking pegasus bridge and moving on to Caen.There was also this one battery aimed at Utah that withstood a joint assault of paratroopers and later tanks and literaly had a battleship shoot a roumd perfectly through the opening of the casemate.I do think Omeha is an attrociously awful idea because no modern bf scenario managed to make such open assaults anything less then cancer.Smal correction though: Carentan wad a village, not a cityThe Fedorov is nothing to write home about and no, all BFV side arms are complete garbage. The quickest semi automatic side arm TTK is 400ms and that with the 400 rpm Repitier. The Webley is not better than the BF1 version because it has horrendous spread increase best replica bags.