Bissonnette alleges the recruiting firm was retained only after

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hermes birkin bag replica cheap She also believes the job qualifications were changed soon after she submitted her application so that only applicants with a rank of inspector or higher would be considered.The officer has detailed her extensive police department resume that included being the service first polygraph examiner, the first woman assigned as executive officer to the chief in 2012 and the first female staff sergeant in charge of the professional standards branch. She also listed several job related training courses she completed.Bissonnette alleges the recruiting firm was retained only after she applied, since one had never previously been retained to hire a deputy chief. The firm was utilized for appearance of fairness and practices toward me were continued in violation of the code, she said.Bissonette alleges that Mayor Drew Dilkens, as chairman of the police services board, was the communicator in hiring of the recruiting firm.She contends her qualifications, previous job roles and being free through her entire Windsor police career made her the best candidate among six for one of the two deputy chief jobs.RelatedBissonnette praised by former WPS Deputy Chief in recorded meetingBlue code of silence exists within Windsor police, tribunal toldRetired Brentwood head implores council to end police boys club others with less experience and qualifications advanced over me, especially after she began pursuing her human right tribunal case, Bissonette said.She further alleges Mizuno promotion to deputy chief was by her human rights tribunal actions against the department to negate her claims of gender bias.Porter, on behalf of the police service, has not yet had a chance to address Bissonnette latest allegations during the hearings. hermes birkin bag replica cheap

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