Disrespectful behavior may result in a 1 3 day ban for first

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replica bags Man, this one is actually really helpful for me. I have trouble responding to people when they reach out to me. I feel paralyzed and end up avoiding it, which is of course accompanied by immense guilt. Disrespectful behavior may result in a 1 3 day ban for first offense, 3 5 day ban for 2nd offense, 5 7 day for replica bags reddit 3rd offense, and a permanent ban for any offenses after that.Trading is allowed here and encouraged. Please be clear what you posting, what platform you trading from, and if possible what you seeking to trade for. Note: Any RMT (Real Money Transactions) or replica bags near me cross game/platform trades are a violation of the ToS, and will result in a ban from this subreddit, as would trading accounts regardless game and/or platform. replica bags

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