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Hermes Handbags Comfort food isn’t forgotten, however, with a burger and fries, fried chicken, a pretzel and ribs among items rounding out the menu.The beer lineup runs the gamut and changes frequently from a core lineup of Victory Pilsner, Into the Wild IPA, Attack Owl IPA, On the Road Red and NW Passage Stout. Recent offerings include Justice Brew New England IPA, a collaboration with Grains of Wrath and Ex Novo, and Mo Bretta Farmhouse Saison. Many of replica of hermes bags the beers are “sessionable,” or have lower alcohol alcohol content, but Vagabond goes big too with brews such as the Hoptomic Bomb Double IPA, weighing in at 8 percent ABV.Non beer drinkers have an ample lineup as well, with Vagabond’s own cocktail creations, such as the Scallywag (Cruzan, fresh lime juice, pineapple syrup, apricot brandy and bitters) or the Nomad (Macchu pisco, lime juice, simple syrup, egg white and bitters) Hermes Handbags.