(He was also obsessed with knowing what they knew

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We have limited space for everything. That isn’t out of nowhere. Most likely there is some instability if it goes much higher than that. He got a point about veins though. A vein is a larger target than a block, and once you find it you dig out the whole thing, rendering some of the extra block reveals redundant. So a longer line of blocks may actually reveal more veins disproportionate to the increase in blocks revealed..

Federal records list the site owner as The Columbia Property Group, which has managed or owned at least 66 federally contracted properties in Georgia, Florida and its home state of Mississippi. Company President Melanie Moe referred questions to Bryan King, an officer at Mississippi based Triangle Development. In an emailed statement, King said his development company was acquiring Cedarhurst Homes and planned to pursue federal tax credits for a “large renovation.”.

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