However, canada goose montebello uk drivers must have a

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uk canada goose outlet to keep pace with surging demands. In North Carolina, the state is in need of about 12,000 drivers. uk canada goose outlet

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“We’re spending more attracting and recruiting those drivers,” said Marian Brewer, a vice president with Longistics, a Raleigh based truck company. “If you do not have a driver to transport the goods, then those companies are also paying more for the shipping costs. Ultimately, that goes right to the consumer.”

cheap Canada Goose Experts say the shortage is being driven by retirements of baby boomers and the industry has had a hard time getting younger people to replace them. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose coats Truck drivers can make up to $80,000 annually, and a college degree is not buy canada goose jacket needed. However, canada goose montebello uk drivers must have a commercial driver’s license. canada goose coats

uk canada goose Big rig technology adding additional safety for truck drivers uk canada goose

canada goose black friday sale The North Carolina Trucking canada goose kensington parka uk Association has been pushing Congress to lessen restrictions to make it easier for certain people to become truck drivers. One such bill would allow 18 to 20 year old drivers who are already truck drivers within the state would be permitted to drive across state canada goose outlet las vegas lines. canada goose black friday sale

Another measure would help get more military veterans behind the wheel.

“Especially with military (members) that currently are driving large trucks overseas,” said Crystal Collins, canada goose outlet real president of the North Carolina Trucking Association. “They have that experience and we can transition that into our industry very easily canada goose clearance and seamlessly.”

canada goose The need right now is mainly for drivers who can operate trucks for days or weeks at a time and are known in the business as “over the road” drivers. cheap canada goose Those drivers are required to canada goose outlet online put in very long hours, which in many instances requires them to sleep in the bed inside their truck. canada goose

The industry is also trying to recruit more women.

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canadian goose jacket Big rig technology adding Canada Goose Parka additional safety for truck drivers canadian goose jacket

DOCUMENT: Truck driving infoAmerican Trucking Associations: Truck Driver shortage report

Canada Goose online Whenever an industry filled canada goose factory outlet uk with easily trained workers says there a “shortage”, what they really mean is “shortage of workers willing to accept the wages we prefer to pay.” Canada Goose online

CDL courses can be completed in just a couple months, and there are many new drivers entering the field, but most quit after just a few years (or less) because of punishing hours, awful working canada goose outlet chicago conditions, and low pay. (How you like your paycheck to drop for every minute you sat in traffic?)

All of that could be fixed by trucking firms, but they prefer to whine about a “shortage”, usually accompanied by begging for relaxed work rules, importation of foreign labor, relaxed safety regulations, etc.