I hate it I hate it I hate It

12. veljače 2015
tomislav hecimovic

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canada goose coats hate it. I hate it I hate it I hate It. I don want to see another day. I hate how controlling my mom is and how she always finds a new uk stockists of canada goose jackets way to make home hell. I hate going to school and finding new reasons for it to be my hell. I hate how I can tell anyone about me and I have to live my lie. No one will ever know who I am. They will never put my name to my stories. I hate canada goose uk black friday how angry i get and then I get suicidal. I hate how miserable I become. I hate how I can move forward and I just stuck. I hate how no matter where I go I lonely. What the fuck is wrong with me, who the fuck am I. The bathroom and the girl in the mirror know cheap Canada Goose my secrets. They know how canada goose outlet uk much I cry and I hate when I cry. I hate how I cant remember canada goose buy uk anything and my stupid brain keeps deleting information I want to remember. Why am I sinking into this abyss canada goose coats.