I went through the same, especially in college where I rock

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tomislav hecimovic

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best replica designer Great guide! Looking to finally pick up a waxed cotton jacket.On shoe care, mink oil has more or less fallen out of favor and is generally reserved for true work wear (being used in tough conditions) and tack. There are a few reasons why:Can be difficult to work with as it darkens leather a fair amount and can easily be over appliedIf applied to shoes/boots, they will probably never polish up to more than a very dull lusterSome controversy over whether or not this will shorten the life of leather footwear as it is an animal product that breaks down over time.Overkill for most situations, unless you trudging through water frequently.That being said, I do believe Red Wing uses mink oil for their boots/shoes. You did mention something about putting it on a belt best replica designer.