Instead of biting me, meowing at me, clawing/pawing at me,

10. prosinca 2014
tomislav hecimovic

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uk canada goose So, as I stepped out of the elevator in the hallway, canada goose outlet store uk I figured I just stand there canada goose outlet online and read that last bit before heading into my apartment, lest I get distracted from the scene I was on.A few minutes later, standing in the hallway, some 30 meters from my apartment door, I hear my cat mewing at me plaintively, scratching at the door, giving me that distinctive hungry noise. Instead of biting me, meowing at me, clawing/pawing at me, rubbing against my legs, etc., he would do one of two things:Rub the skin of his paws against a wall so it would make a repeated screeching noise from them quickly sliding along a smooth surface, stop for a bit and stare at me to see if I reacted, and then proceed if I didn stop what I was doing and pet him, give him food, or even go to sleep so he could lay next to me.Find any sort of loose plastic or paper (trash bags, grocery bags, sheets of paper, etc.) and hit it over and over and over and over and over only to stop, look at me for a bit to see if I responded similar to 1, and then proceed until I did.Most of the time I simply went over to him, picked him up, moved him to a different part of the room, pet him for a few seconds, then went back to what I was doing. And 5 10 minutes later he would start it up again.For their entire life, his brother was fatter (and I fairly certain he was mentally disabled) and had different ways of getting attention.If I was at my computer, he would either stand on his hind legs and repeatedly bash his head into the portion of my wrist/forearm that stuck out from the desk where my hand was holding my computer mouse until I stopped what I was doing and gave him attention, or he would jump up between the back of my chair and my back and spread out more and more, essentially pushing me off of the chair I didn have the heart to move him uk canada goose.