It involves copying records to the merged plugin as override

8. ožujka 2015
tomislav hecimovic

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uk canada goose outlet I couldn speak for like 6 hours, portals and hieroglyphics everywhere. Walls changing and shifting colors. When I walked outside I couldn see more than 20 metres in front of me, the street was just spiraling. The two merge methods are:Clobber Merge Down (old): This is the merging algorithm that the old merge plugins script and merge plugin standalone have used for years. It involves copying records to the merged plugin as override then “clobbering” the plugins that were merged off of the merged plugin masters, causing xEdit to “clamp” their Form IDs and references, which just happens to land them on the right ordinal for “new records” assuming the plugins being merged were loaded in a single contiguous block (you may remember a “merge issue” from Merge Plugins Standalone about plugins being not contiguous).Clean Merge Down (improved): This is a new merging algorithm which copies records as new records into the merged plugin and iterates through references in the merged plugin to point to the new records in the merged plugin instead of to the plugins merged, using xEdit “Clean Masters” functionality to then remove the plugins that were merged from the merged plugin masters. It does not require the plugins being merged to be contiguous.. uk canada goose outlet

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