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August 19, 2016 By Marty Bachman 15 CommentsThe Ely City Council approved a draft medical marijuana dispensary request for proposals at their Aug. 11 meeting. The issue, which had been discussed at an earlier meeting, was passed unanimously (5 0) with no discussion.

The proposal states that due to the remote location of Ely, its residents who have medical canada goose outlet uk review marijuana recommendations from their doctors must travel to either Clark or Washoe counties in order to purchase their medicine or grow their own. The city of Ely, it says, is looking for a company to open a facility in the city with the goals of reducing the number of people traveling outside the city and White Pine County, reduce and eliminate individuals growing their own weed for personal use and potentially removing excess marijuana from the market that may otherwise fall into the hands of non medical users, and allowing those that live in the extended rural areas to access their medicine in Ely, a more central location.

The city will make Request for Proposal packets available beginning Aug. 15 and the deadline to file the application will be on Nov. 18. On Dec. 18, the proposals will be presented to the city council for consideration and the possible awarding of a business license. All dates are subject to change at the discretion of the city.

“Due to its central location we believe a marijuana dispensary will benefit not just the citizens of White Pine County, but citizens in neighboring counties, including, but not limited to Lincoln, Nye, Eureka, and Elko Counties,” the draft proposal reads. “No state permits were applied for to place a dispensary in the City of Ely, so as part of this RFQ the awarding company would be required to obtain, at their own expense, the canada goose shop review necessary state licenses to operate a dispensary in the City of Ely.”

canada goose uk outlet The draft states its intent as being able to hire a qualified professional marijuana dispensary company to operate a legal dispensary in Ely. canada goose uk outlet

Interested companies will be required to meet all of the following requirements:

a) Demonstrated experience in the sale of medical marijuana to individuals carrying canada goose mystique uk a state approved medical marijuana card.

b) Demonstrated experience in maintaining a secured building to prevent theft of medical marijuana.

canada goose clearance c) Demonstrated experience with and knowledge of all state and federal laws pertaining in any way to the sale of medical marijuana in its various forms, including, but not limited to, packaging, weighing, measuring and preparation of medical marijuana. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Jackets d) Provide three copies of the owner’s resume as it pertains to operating a medical marijuana facility, a canada goose shop uk confidential list of suppliers, if the medical marijuana is supplied by a business not owned and operated by the applicant, a business plan for the operation, including, but not limited to, placement of the facility within the city of Ely, security measures, general business model that will be utilized canada goose repair uk and photographs of the exterior and interior of each location currently operated by the applicant. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose sale The council will then evaluate each application based on responsiveness, comprehension, and quality of the response to the RFP; the experience and qualifications of the firm and its partners/employees, especially with respect to operating a safe and secure medical marijuana dispensary. Canada Goose sale

uk canada goose outlet The city may request that proposers provide presentations to the council and/or conduct interviews with firms selected by the city administrator. uk canada goose outlet

uk canada goose Once a firm is decided upon by the council, a city ordinance dictating the terms of sales and the operation of the dispensary, will also be brought to the council for approval. uk canada goose

In November, Nevada voters will go to the polls to vote on the legalization of recreational marijuana (Question 2). City Attorney Chuck Odgers, who wrote the draft RFP, said the issue of sales of recreational marijuana has not yet been discussed by the council, but that he will be presenting a draft ordinance to them prior to the November election so that the city will be prepared should the initiative pass.

cheap Canada Goose For all of you hiding behind the medical front and responding with ‘high’ praise for pot, there is a vast difference between a prohibition and state sponsored promotion. cheap Canada Goose

Ignore the common gateway tendencies and recent LA canada goose shop prague skid row bad pot emergency disasters, demand the ‘freedom’ to do whatever makes your rear end itch, try to make money at it, make it as pervasive and as available as possible like some silly fever dream in a Cheech and Chong movie, and you still won’t change the basic things: the crap stinks, makes people at least temporarily stupid, stays in your system longer than alcohol, and gets in the way of urban and industrial safety.

canadian goose jacket Do you want a job and a life in which you are capable of responsible activity or do you want lethargy, bad breath, lung disease, skunky clothing, and a perpetual contradiction to safe self transport (and therefore most forms of employment)? canadian goose jacket

Funny we don’t simply provide it through drug stores since it is ‘medicinal’. But medical concerns aside, pot’s just peachy until you wake up, grow up, and realize that it isn’t a (rewarding) ‘lifestyle’ it’s actually a disconnect from both responsibility and reality. And if you smoke pot anywhere near me, do I have a right to NOT EXPERIENCE IT? Funny, there isn’t such a thing as second hand drinking.

Canada Goose Online So, make your choices. But don’t canada goose outlet orlando try to tell me it’s great and don’t try to tell me we should be openly surrounded by it because you happen to have a penchant for it unless you are also willing to accept serious rules and regulations that come with the responsible and consistent legalization of things (that’s right, like with alcohol). Not easy access head shops paying lip service to laws while promoting a ‘sub culture’. And this might be a challenging concept, but some things aren’t worth the (tax) revenue in the long run (you might try at least a little dull thinking beyond your nose, even if it has gone dead from all the pot). Canada Goose Online

In the meantime, ‘your clothes smell, stoner’. No, seriously. you too close to it and it rank. Shower lately? You smell a little like a vagrant that was wrestling in sagebrush with a sick squirrel. Did I upset your delicate sensibilities? Hard for me to care while you blowing skunk weed in my face and pushing cheap canada goose china the sale of it to pad your wallet under the guise of cultural gain ‘for the children’.

Canada Goose Outlet Sorry, Gregor 2012 article citing a Yale study: may really be gateway drug The study found that, among both men and women, those who had used marijuana were 2.5 times more likely than those their age who abstained to later dabble in prescription drugs. Is Yale typically inclined to misnomers, or was that not one of the misnomers you were referring to? Canada Goose Outlet

Oh but wait, here another citing a Northwestern University School canada goose sale uk of Medicine in Chicago study from 2014: have been a growing number of studies that suggest that marijuana use in emerging adults is associated with differences in brain structure and cognitive abilities, said Gruber, also the director of Cognitive and Clinical Neuroimaging Core at McLean Hospital outside Boston. not saying (pot smoking) is analogous to shooting heroin or cocaine, but it also not quite the benign substance people thought it was to a study that found a decline in IQ points among people who used marijuana regularly, (the director) of the National Institutes of Health, said recently that people should be more aware of these potential brain impacts. let you track these down, they not difficult articles to canada goose outlet in chicago locate assuming normal brain structure.

You are mixing causation and correlation up, just because some individuals are looking for the biggest high and are killing themselves with harsh chemicals like meth and happen to smoke marijuana between tweaking doesn mean that individuals who seek marijuana will later seek stronger drugs. There have been many studies that prove that marijuana, while not flawless, is healthier that alcohol and tobacco, so if someone chooses this as their form of relaxation as opposed to killing their liver, I cheap canada goose say let them have it, since the laws are that they can smoke in public or operate machinery under the influence (same laws as alcohol) it their business.

The reason it is being legalized is BECAUSE it has been studied and has been found to not impair you more than alcohol and not be worse for your lungs than tobacco. Other drugs can have the polices attention more when it legal, and honestly I know a few people who turned to harder drugs simply because they figured, the hell, it all illegal anyways, right? but now that they can get high without the harder drugs they have been to rehab to help them get off the chemicals that were killing them.

Any medical issues you may have heard of with kids getting marijuana is due to irresponsible parents whose kids probably got into https://www.dvu-nds.de their liquor cabinet in the past too (it not that hard to lock a substance up, really, just be responsible). Honestly, there are just as many studies for as there are against, but there was hype for anti vaccination too for years after proof came out that the doctor who released the research had falsified the data and now we have babies exposed to disease because people believe in studies that aren complete. Regardless, common sense tells us that we live in America and you don have to buy it if you don want to.