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9. svibnja 2014
tomislav hecimovic

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I grew up in New Jersey. There were lots of guys who were fascinated by the Mafia. Watched Goodfellas and The canada goose outlet 80 off Godfather all the time, adopted the slang and speech pattern, called their little groups of friends “the town name Mafia”. You know, wannabes.

buy canada goose jacket cheap The Mafia, shockingly, did not associate with them. But I sure that if one of those guys had any information they thought the mob would value, and met an actual mobster canada goose shop austria at a bar, they would have ran up and tried to get in good with their heroes. And I sure the mob would have taken that information and then gone right back to ignoring them. I’m not saying I approve of or am strongly against these points. Just as a matter of getting some facts straight he and Putin are canada goose finance uk clashing over Venezuela currently. He is staying in Syria and just announced the official recognition of the Golan heights as part of Israel which is obviously something Putin does not want and he is trying to stop oil flow from Russia to Germany so they will buy US oil. Finally the pulling out of the INF treaty is not what canada goose offers uk Putin wanted. Not saying canada goose shop vancouver trump shouldn’t be in jail or that he did not seek help from the Russian government to help get elected. I think it bad strategy and kind of loony. And you can oppose Trump much more effectively on other grounds: Corporate/billionaire tax cuts, emoluments, immigration, deregulation that leads to environmental poison in our communities and bodies of water, Puerto Rico, the shutdown (remember the shutdown?), health care (he trying to cut Medicare right now), Betsy Devos (and a cadre of corrupt officials in his administration), coddling Nazi and white supremacists buy canada goose jacket cheap.